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Simón Cuchillerías is the Spain´s leader cutlery online store. Company founded in 1947, we have 2 stores in our city and are specialists on Albacete handmade classic knives reproductions, kitchen and table or steak knives made by hand, right-handed and left-handed scissors, movies and TV series swords replicas and typicals souvenirs. In our website you´ll find the best guaranteed online price with the higher quality and the best personal customer service


The Albacete Traditional Shepherd Pocket Knife 2020-03-15 20:41:28

The Albacete Traditional Shepherd Pocket Knife

One of most practical pocket knives and for this reason today known around the world of traditional cutlery is the genuine Shepherd Pocket Knife or also often referred to as the Point Pocket Knife. Sometimes confused, since also according to the area of ​​Spain it can take different forms, it is still one of the most used and valued field tools

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The Albacete´s Damascus classic knives 2020-01-28 12:22:03

The Albacete´s Damascus classic knives

It is the most beauty steel forging technical. Many collectors have specialized in this difficult handmade Damascus knives or swords. We have adapted to our Albacete knives for open a new dimension in the reproduction of antique pieces

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Our Navaja table knife review 2020-01-14 12:14:09

Our Navaja table knife review

When it seems that everything is invented you can find really attractive designs also in the world of table or steak knives. The Simón "Navaja" table knife was born with the purpose of reflecting 100% the classic style of Albacete with 2 alternatives.

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The best sharpener for your knives is... 2020-01-08 20:05:11

The best sharpener for your knives is...

Many times we have to sharp our knives but don´t know what is the best system..don´t worry, we explain you the differences: Whetstone is a very good way to sharp but is important that you know how use that stone, with water, oil or dry.

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