Our Navaja table knife review

Our Navaja table knife review

When it seems that everything is invented you can find really attractive designs also in the world of table or steak knives. The Simón "Navaja" table knife was born with the purpose of reflecting 100% the classic style of Albacete with 2 alternatives: vintage version with the warmth of wood and modern version with the purity of synthetic fiber especially indicated for those who choose to wash their knives in dishwasher. The 440C steel with micro-tooth cutting edge ensures a permanent and soft cut. Although I personally choose the WOOD version, both have their advantages, the presence of this natural material brings that retro touch to our table while the black FIBER impacts by its contrast with the reinforcing bolsters of solid brass. As usual in our high quality knives its construction is integral in one piece to ensure an unlimited duration. And if you really want to impress your guests you can complete it with the Simón "Navaja" fork, typical trident style very solid and with a unique presence. As always you know that for any doubt or suggestion you can contact us in our Customer Service Department

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