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The Albacete Traditional Shepherd Pocket Knife

The Albacete Traditional Shepherd Pocket Knife

One of most practical pocket knives and for this reason today known around the world of traditional cutlery is the genuine Shepherd Pocket Knife or also often referred to as the Point Pocket Knife.

Sometimes confused, since also according to the area of ​​Spain it can take different forms, it is still one of the most used and valued field tools that in most cases were manufactured in a very rudimentary way by the same shepherds in their free time.

Multifunction knife, strong and not very heavy, with straight point that initially served to farmers to cut sick animals and in general in any of their usual tasks, with scales of different materials at their fingertips, such as wood from the area, bone, horn, etc ...

Currently, it is a knife format that in its classic version of Albacete is highly reproduced in a completely handmade way, with materials and ornamental details that make it highly valued as a collector's item.

Along these lines, we present our new replica of the Bull Horn Point Folding Knife from Albacete, built with a horn base (the area closest to the animal's head) greenish-white color and 440C stainless steel with very good edge retention and easily re-sharpening, for all those collectors who also like to use their pieces and demand a special cut quality

More info ---> Simón Bull Horn Albacete Point Knife 004.038