We have 2 systems for customizing products:


NAME engraving with PANTOGRAPH system (FREE) and LOGO engraving with LASER system (PAYMENT SERVICE).




How to customize my order


*NAME ENGRAVING:  In the NAME Engraving field of the item sheet write the NAME or NAME + DATE or INITIALS you wish to engrave. MAXIMUM 2 words or equivalent length. The engraving is always made on the blade, BACK or FRONT side, and typography according to criterion of our engraver. REMEMBER to carefully review the engraving you write cause once made we are not responsible for possible typographical errors by the client. This service is FREE.


If the ENGRAVING fields do not appear in the product sheet, it is because that product IS NOT CUSTOMIZABLE.


*LOGO ENGRAVING:  You must go to the sheet of this service through following button LOGO ENGRAVING.

1. Select the quantity of engravings you want to make according to the products you want to customize. .
2. Upload the file (JPG or PNG, in HIGH QUALITY and minimum size: 1000px high or wide).
3. Click "Add to cart".

Deliveries of customized products with LOGO may be delayed 3 days with respect to the indicated time. This is a PAYMENT service.


The 2 engraving systems are always made on the BLADE, front or back side, depending on the space available and with the most appropriate font according to the kinds of product, always at the discretion of our engraver for technical reasons.

If you want to make the engraving of special way or in a different zone, you can consult us by contacting us through our Customer Service Department.


NAME Engraving

Logo LASER Engraving Service