If I find a lower price , can you equalize? 

We offer the posibility to equalize the price of other websites always thinking about the maximum benefit and satisfaction of customers. Send us the link of that website with your name and e-mail to Customer Service Department. We will value and answer to the email indicated. Just 2 conditions:

– It is a spanish website.
– They have the item "in stock" or may indicate a exact delivery time.

Note: We always consider Shipping Cost included what you’d pay if buy at that website.


Why is it important to register on our website? 

If you have not yet made any purchase you can register in our NEWSLETTER or create your customer accountenjoy its possibilities: receive news, offers, discount coupons, special prices for quantity, manage all your personal data, get discounts for purchases, track your orders, etc…


Where is my order? 

When your order leaves our store you will receive 2 mails: "Order shipped" means that it is already "in transit" and the "Order tracking number" where you will find the link so that you can make a complete and timely tracking of your purchase.

If you need more information you can contact us indicating your name and order reference to: Customer Service Department


 My order appears as DELIVERED but I have not received it

If your order appears as: “DELIVERED” In the Shipping Tracking of our transport agency and you have not received the package, please, before contacting us, check that it has not been delivered to other near place or to other person: a family member, a neighbor, the store next door, etc ... since in most cases that is the reason. Once you check and being 100% sure that it has not been delivered to someone close to you, contact us indicating your name and order reference through our: Customer Service Department


I received my defective order, what should I do? 

If you detect any anomaly in the packaging (blows, chips…), indicate this to transport agency staff.

If you have not noticed at that time and when you open the package detect flaws in the material, you must notify us immediately and attach some photos to: Customer Service Department.

Returns will not be accepted without our authorization.

Once received your incidence we contact you to indicate the solution.


Can I modify my order? 

If your order has not left our store there is no problem.

Contact us indicating your name and order reference to Customer Service Department and tell us what you want to modify.

If your order has left our warehouse, and you have already received our email "ORDER SHIPPED", you will not be able to make the modification, but once received at your address, you can request the CHANGE contacting our Customer Service Department or the RETURN throught your Customer Account.

Attention: Shipping cost of changes or returns to our store will be PAID by customer.


 I received the item and I want to change it. What should I do?

If you want to change your order, you have 14 days to do it, but you will have to pay the shipping cost and return, unless the error was ours and we have sent the wrong product/s.

Contact us indicating your name and order reference to Customer Service Department and tell us what you want to change.


What if I am absent at the time of delivery? 

If you are absent our Transport Agency will contact you to proceed with a second attempt, if it is not possible they inform you via SMS, mail or phone to decide the final delivery form or by picking the package in the agency office without additional cost.

Note: If it is not possible to contact you, the package will be returned to our store and the customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping a new delivery, regardless of the amount of your purchase.


How can I return my order? 

Once the order is received you have 14 days for returning.

RETURNS are always SHIPPING COST PAID by the customer, otherwise we will not accept such shipment. The returned items must be completely NEW without symptoms that the product/s has been used, damaged or missing accessory. If we notice any of these anomalies we reserve the right to NOT ACCEPT such products.

Note: Returns of custom products (engraving, sharpening, etc ...) will not be accepted.

Contact us indicating your name and order reference to Customer Service Department and tell us what you want to return (total or partial order, if you purchased more than 1 item).

Once we inform you of the acceptance of such return, you must pack the product/s securely, with its original packaging intact with all accessories, instructions, etc ... and covered by an outer box for shipping.

If package is damaged during shipping transit “Simón Cuchillerías Albacete” would have no responsibility for it.

Returned the order, SHIPPING COST PAID and checked, we will proceed to refund the amount of your purchase in the same way you paid at the time of purchase.


What does the measure of a product refer to?

The measure specified in the PRODUCT SHEET of folding knives, fixed knives and table cutlery refers only to the BLADE, except in Victorinox brand that indicates the measure of the HANDLE. If you want to know the total size of any item you can find it at the end of the text in MORE INFO.

For the rest of products the specified measure is the TOTAL, however in case of doubt you can consult us through Customer Service Department.